Installation of Cucumber Raffia Twine and Its Purpose

Cucumber Raffia Twine and Alternatives for Climbing Plants

Cultivating Cucumbers on the Limited Space

Cultivating cucumbers is spread all over the world. It doesn’t surprise since it is one of the favorite vegetables and an integral part of nutrition that is highly consumed. This plant grows vertically and for that reason, it is possible to organize the plantation in the limited space. Although cucumber belongs to easy-care plants, certain conditions need to be provided in order to secure a fruitful harvest. Enough sun, air and consistent watering are very important. In such environment, cucumber grows fast conquering the available space to the last inch. Cucumber raffia twine has been used over ages to direct the vertical growth of the plant and to prevent its horizontal expanding. This technique enables a proper distance between flowers and fruits and the humid ground. Humidity increases the risk of fungi infection or it may cause yellow discoloring that is typical for the fruits lying on the ground.

cucumber raffia twine

The cucumber raffia twine helps to your crops to avoid the humidity and the prescence of the any diseases.

Cucumber Raffia Twine at the Service of the Vertical Growth

For the farmers or breeders, it is necessary to walk inside the plantation and control the growth of the plants. If there is no enough space for the smooth operation it is possible to damage leaves, flowers or fruits by accident. The smallest damage on any part of the plant makes it vulnerable and carries a risk of bacterial or fungi infection or some viruses. Such complications reduce the yield, increase costs, and demand extra time to handle the disease. You can prevent these accidental and unwanted consequences if you implement cucumber raffia twine to force the plant to grow vertically from the very beginning.  The vertical growth enables the continuous flow of the fresh air, facilitates pollination, and provides enough sunlight and energy. The successful and quality production of cucumbers is based on these three main factors. Cucumber raffia twine has served over decades to weave single plants and make them grow vertically from the ground.

Cucumber crop ready to be harvested

The cucumber raffia twine avoid that the pathogens, funji or other diseases cause damage to your crops.

Delicate Weaving of Plants

Workers who are engaged to weave plants with raffia twine need a lot of time to handle every single offspring. It is the delicate work that has to be conducted with a lot of care. Even then, it may happen to compromise the phytosanitary environment due to insufficient operational space. Under these conditions, it is possible to overlook damaged or sick plant and to carry the bacteria, fungi or virus. The transmission of microbes to the healthy plants happens simply over the hands, and it can lead to the certain loss of crop. Cultivating cucumbers is not riskless. The process demands time, and especially the pruning and harvesting are not simple and easy if the plants have been woven with cucumber raffia twine. The workers need to be careful, patient and they have to possess specific skills to be efficient in terms of time and available operational space.

cucumber crops in cropfield

The use of the trellis net provide a better support than the use of the raffia.

Trellis Nets as an Alternative to Raffia Twine

Improved cucumber plantation can be also accomplished by implementing of the trellis nets instead of the raffia twine. Hortomallas trellis nets are made of plastic and they are available in different shapes and sizes to fit every surface. They are suitable for the multiple uses if they are properly maintained. After every harvest you should disinfect the net for old pathogens. This precaution guarantees that the new field will have optimal phytosanitary conditions. Cucumbers trained on the net are of the same or even better quality than those trained on cucumber raffia twine. According to some statistics, up to one-third more tonnage per crop could be brought to the market by implementing net growing.  Labor costs are not negligible for the installation of cucumber raffia twine and it takes a lot of time. It seems that you can save on workers’ cost as well as time consumed. These two advantages make the installation of trellis net cost and time effective as well as easier.

Solid Beans Supporters for the Higher Productivity

Beans are plants of the similar kind as cucumbers. They grow vertically, they save space, and they look attractive in every field. Unlike cucumber raffia twine, cultivating beans is highly productive if you decide to use support netting for beans. A solid support is essential for these vegetables that could be very high and for that reason exposed to strong wind or other bad weather. The leaves and pods of beans are thick and heavy, and they have to lean on the strong support netting for beans. Different materials of beans supporters are made of an aesthetic component that adds to the attractive appearance of the crop. The installation is easy, and if properly supported, beans can grow fast and healthy. The risk of undergoing some damage during the growth has been reduced to a minimum.

cucumber plant using support net

The installation is very easy, besides, can grow faster, and enchance the quality of the crops.

Methods of Cultivating Climbing Vegetables

The cucumber raffia twine and beans supporters are two methods with the same purpose. Cultivating climbing vegetables has some specifics one has to throw the attention to. The fruits need to be departed from the ground to avoid humidity that can cause a fungi infection or discoloration. Vertical growth is safe, space saving, and it provides sufficient air flow, warmth, and light. The manipulation among crop is easier, faster, and the risk of the transmitting of harmful pathogens is minimalized. In the terms of costs, using trellis net is an excellent investment. The installation is easier and faster, it can be used several times if maintained properly, and labor costs are lower. In overall, this method increases the profitability, improves phytosanitary conditions, and leads to the greater and competitive production. In the first year of the net implementation, harvesting results are around thirty percent better than in the year before. Another advantage is that you can use the same net for your next crop and expect even better harvesting results next year.

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  1. Thanks so much for your consideration.
    I have a trellis made from 3ft x 10 ft. with 2in. x 4in. wire like fencing
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    in 4 separate coffee cups ready to go.
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